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Official Kevin07 T-shirt

U.S. NEWS In the Official Kevin07 T-shirt Besides,I will do this Mississippi Delta, a hospital anchors its community. Now it’s in danger of closing. “The only hospital we’ve got is on its deathbed,” an 89-year-old state senator said. Serita Wheeler, left, with her daughter, Kayla, and granddaughter, Kaisey, who was born at Greenwood Leflore Hospital before the labor and delivery unit closed. Timothy Ivy for NBC News Nov. 20, 2022, 8:00 PM +07 By Bracey Harris GREENWOOD, Miss. — Betty Sibley had just laid down to rest after a shower last month when she realized something was wrong. There were hives bubbling up on her arms and her throat was beginning to swell shut. Both were signs that she was suffering from a potentially life-threatening allergic reaction. A first responder injected her with an EpiPen in her thigh and an ambulance raced her to Greenwood Leflore Hospital, roughly 5 miles away, where emergency room staff took over, administering steroid shots. “I would have died if it had not been for this hospital,” she said. Now, the hospital she turned to in an emergency is struggling to keep its doors open. In

Official Kevin07 T-shirt

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