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Official Laufey jingle bunny T-shirt

fell through. Marchand estimates the Official Laufey jingle bunny T-shirt but I will buy this shirt and I will love this hospital needs $5 million to $10 million to stay open until next summer. While several banks are willing to step in, he said city and county officials will have to assist in obtaining the resources on the hospital’s behalf. “We will not make it into 2023 without funding,” he said. Leflore County Supervisor Board President Robert Collins said finances are already strained, but the county can most likely put up about $3.5 million for Greenwood Leflore. He cautioned that the county won’t be able to float the institution long-term. “We can’t generate that money in the county,” he said. “We don’t have that kind of tax base.” Greenwood City Council President Ronnie Stevenson acknowledged that the city might need to provide aid as well. He’s adamant that he doesn’t see closing the hospital as an option, but he is blunt that he doesn’t want to “keep throwing water on a sinking ship.” At a minimum, he said, the hospital, which lost almost $2 million last month, has to start breaking even. A more comprehensive fix could arrive in the spring, when Marchand hopes the Legislature will approve a statewide plan to push more Medicaid funding to hospitals. “We have to find a governmental solution, if we’re going to be viable in the long-term,” Marchand said. With the hospital’s fate in the balance, the community may have to wait months for an answer. Some residents have already started looking for physicians elsewhere, but Dr. Roderick Givens, a radiation oncologist who has practiced at Greenwood Leflore for 15 years, said it can be a hurdle sometimes for patients to make it to even local appointments. Dr. Roderick Givens, who treats cancer patients at the Greenwood Leflore Hospital, is working with

Official Laufey jingle bunny T-shirt

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