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Official Life’s so fun forest green shirt

in Greenwood and 25% of the Official Life’s so fun forest green shirt but in fact I love this population in Leflore County live in poverty. And almost 13% live in homes without a car, according to census data. Get the Morning Rundown Get a head start on the morning’s top stories. SIGN UP THIS SITE IS PROTECTED BY RECAPTCHA PRIVACY POLICY | TERMS OF SERVICE Since Greenwood Leflore’s labor and delivery unit closed, many pregnant residents have to travel 45 minutes to a satellite hospital of the University of Mississippi Medical Center in neighboring Grenada County to give birth. The only option left in Greenwood is the hospital’s emergency room. Recommended U.S. NEWS Who did ‘Jeopardy!’ crown winner in its Tournament of Champions? CULTURE MATTERS How a poem is helping comfort some people online after the Colorado Springs LGBTQ club shooting This is a community where lower life expectancy rates already meant residents bury their loved ones earlier in life, compared to those born in more prosperous areas. Residents here know a full tank of gas and reliable transportation won’t always be enough to outrun the disparities underlying the state’s maternal and infant health crisis. Mississippi has the nation’s highest infant mortality rate, while pregnancy-related deaths here are more likely than the national average. Black women in the state are almost three times as likely as white women to die while expecting, or within a year of giving birth, or their pregnancy’s end. In the Delta, where some counties lack OB-GYNs, pregnant women and newborns are particularly vulnerable. Kayla Wheeler had several close calls during

Official Life's so fun forest green shirt

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